Pomeranian Barking

A Pomeranian Barking Is A Normal Pomeranian

A Pomeranian barking is really quite a normal sound, and not the sound of a dog who happens to be ill-trained. The Pomeranian is a big dog in a small package, a big dog with a huge personality and a significant amount of intelligence, in a small package. The Pomeranian barks because it feels it has something to say.

That is not to say that a Pomeranian barking that you simply must put up with. Most Pomeranians are eager to please and highly trainable. While training them not to bark, or at least not to bark as much, may take time and patience, it is an achievable task, and one well worth accomplishing.

Go To The Source - When you want a dog, or any other animal you may be training, to stop doing something deemed inappropriate, punishment or scolding isn't usually effective. One approach is to take time to find out the cause of the behavior, and when possible, eliminate that cause. Pomeranian barking may be for any number of reasons, so a good first step is to find out what some of those reasons are, and where possible, eliminate them. This won't stop the barking completely, but may reduce it to the extent where you can begin to work with the dog to get it to stop barking at those things which cannot be eliminated.

Everything Must Be Protected - As one example, Pomeranians are by nature very protective. Your Pomeranian will bark when it believes it’s necessary to protect you, and will bark when it believes it is necessary to protect itself. It will often bark if it feels something or someone is after its food. Placing its food dish in a place where it won't be disturbed will eliminate one reason for barking.

Boredom - Pomeranians like to be entertained. Probably more so than do most other breeds. If it has nothing to do, or nothing to play with, it will let the world know it's bored by barking. Give the pooch some toys it can call its own, plus a good measure of attention, and you may have eliminated one more cause of Pomeranian barking.

The “Quiet” Command - If your Pomeranian starts barking when you're in another room and you rush in to tell him to "shut up", guess what? Your pet has found that barking is a good way to get you to come to him, especially if he's bored. Here is where things can get a little difficult. Yelling won't help, the dog will just continue to pull your chain. What will work, eventually, is teaching the dog a command, and that command is "Quiet", and it is always spoken softly. If the dog fails to obey the command, and it probably will at first, ignore it for awhile. Later, try again. Your Pomeranian will eventually put 2 and 2 together. "Quiet" is a command, and when the command isn't followed you ignore him, which he doesn't like. If he stops barking and gets a gentle reward, he'll eventually get the idea.

Dealing With Noise - If you live in a noisy neighborhood, or a noisy household, Pomeranian barking may be constant, with the dog barking either out of fear of loud noises, or out of excitement. Since you may not have control over all the noises in the neighborhood, such as sirens, you may want to manufacture some noises of your own, and teach the dog that the noises are nothing he needs to get worried or excited over. This will likely take time and patience, but training often does. Go about it right, getting help if needed, will usually ensure success, or at least a degree of it.

Treats - Finally, don't forget about using treats to advantage. A small treat as a reward when the dog responds favorably to the “Quiet” command can help greatly in getting the dog to recognize what you want when giving the command and better understand what the appropriate response to the command should be. In many respects, the judicious use of treats may be your most powerful weapon in dealing with the problem of Pomeranian barking.




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