Pomeranian Haircut

A Beginners Guide to Pomeranian Haircut Styles

While Pomeranian haircut styles can differ, the important thing is that you take care to groom your Pomeranian on a regular basis. Not only does grooming help the Pom in terms of looking great, but the Pom should also be groomed for health reasons as well.

If you intend on showing your Pom in an American Kennel Club competition then you should try to avoid a Pomeranian haircut style that is too short. At an event that is sanctioned, over-trimming can actually disqualify your dog.  Before you start clipping, you should check their website for any information regarding standards and allowances.

On the other hand, if you have no intentions of showing your Pom then you can have a variety of Pomeranian haircut styles to choose from. You can even make up your own!

A shorter style means that your Pom will not shed as much. It will also mean less grooming time on your part, as long as you continue to keep the style short. Shorter hair can also have fewer health risks since long hair often becomes mattered and can lead to infections.

A "puppy cut" can also keep the Pom cool in the summertime when his normally long coat might be too warm for him. You should pay careful attention to your Pom in order to understand his needs. If he appears uncomfortable in the warmer months, then shortening his coat a little bit could be called for. Keep in mind that the Pomeranian coat is very thick.

If you want a mix of long and short hair, then you might want to consider the Pomeranian "lion cut." This hairstyle involves cutting the hair so that the little dog appears to have a lion's mane around his neck and head. Few dogs are able to pull this off and the Pom is one of them.

To achieve this cut, you have to shave the back half of your Pom so that the hair is very, very short. Leave the tail so that it is fluffy. A pouf of hair is also left around the ankles, similar to the look that some poodles have when they are being shown.

When this look is complete, the hair only remains from the shoulders forward. You can leave hair on the chest and face, or you can also shave this down as well. If you have never done this before, then it is suggested that you take your Pom to a professional groomer.

The popular "teddy bear" cut leaves the hair on the Pomeranian full and luxurious. It also takes some time to maintain, however, because you will have to ensure that you continue to groom your Pom every few days.  When your Pom has long hair, it can become matted and tangled. Therefore, you will need to brush it out and keep up with it, which could be a hassle.

Lastly, some people prefer to shave their Poms. It is typically not recommended that you do this, although vets seem to disagree about this. The argument exists that a shaved Pom is exposed to the elements since he won't have his hair to protect him. However, if your Pom is kept indoors, as most are, then this shouldn't be a huge problem.

Until you get familiar with grooming your Pom and cutting his hair yourself, you might want to consider taking him to a groomer. Doing this at least the first few times can help give you an idea of the look that you desire for your Pom, as well as get your  Pom used to being groomed.




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